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Back Bay Seafood is a specialized gourmet take out restaurant. We offer, made to order, from scratch soups, appitizers and entrees for the distinguished palat. Our seafood is hand selected each morning and prepared with care. We pride ourselves in using the freshest local ingredients. Our ordering and pick up method is unique so please visit the "how to order" section of our page for specific details. 






8305 Third Avenue

Stone Harbor, NJ 08247



Pre-Season - Check News Page

In-Season- Mon-Sun 11-9

Back Bay Seafood has a unique "time slot" ordering system. It is based on first come first serve. This system is in effect for the dinner hours between 5 pm and 9 pm. Basically, it is a reservation for take out. We book in five minute intervals. For instance, you can call during the day with your order and give us a time. We will honor that time provided that someone else has not already reserved the slot. . Your meal will be prepared fresh out of the oven, fryer or off the stove at your exact pick up time. Customers are able to pick up uncooked and cooked product prior to 5 pm without a time slot reservation. As always, it is recommended to call ahead even before 5 pm as we make limited quantities of each item.

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Back Bay will be adding an early morning shift (5 am-9 am) this upcoming season and are seeking motivated food lovers to join our team. Culinary experience preferred!!

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First ever Crab Grab Details

Order the amount of Crab Cakes that you need for the holidays by emailing by Wednesday October 9, 2019.

Crab Cakes will be flash frozen, and vacuum sealed as per your instructions. EX( Pack in bags of 2). Each vaccuum seal bag cost $2. We can fit as many as 9 crab cakes per bag.

Pick up your crab cakes on either Saturday, October 12th or Sunday, October 13, 2019. We will only be open 11-5 on Saturday, and 11-3 on Sunday specifically for these orders!!

Payment will be processed at time of pick up.

Crab Cakes will last in vacuum sealed bags frozen for up to 8 months.